Add context to your personal network

And never forget important details of the people in your life.

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Add context to your personal network

How it works

Enter your connections, log interactions, their favorite things, and set reminders for important dates.

Meeting for coffee? Quickly pull up a record to recall what happened last time you talked.

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How it works

Built to make you more productive


Family, friends, clients, or professionals - organize your network into groups that work for you.


Never miss an important date or when to follow-up with someone.


Build deeper connections by keeping track of emails, conversations, favorites, and more.


Nodepath is built for life on the go so that you have access to what you need when you need it.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?
Although there are no specifics right now, there will be a free tier for inviduals and a paid tier for small teams.
Who is this for?
Nodepath is for anyone who needs a system to help keep track of the connections in their life.
Isn't this just a CRM?
CRMs are built for business; Nodepath is built for people. There is no leadgen, sequencing, or marketing, or pipeline. With Nodepath, you build connectons; not sales.
How are you different?
Nodepath is being built from the ground up to help you remember details about the connections in your life; while other solutions are more like a digital address book.
Do you support teams?
Yes, small teams will be supported
Is my data safe?
Yes. Data privacy is important. It will never be sold or shared. Your data belongs to you. You will be able to export or delete it anytime you want.
I still don't get it
Let's say you are a startup founder. Maybe you are meeting with potential investors for the second time and you want to make a good impression.
The first time went well, and one of them told you about an upcoming vacation. Another had mentioned their son's last soccer game of the year.
Using Nodepath, you could log these details and quickly look them up before the meeting starts. Remembering details of a person shows you care and can leave a lasting impression.